Rediscover Yourself:  A Healing Journey To Find Your Passion, Purpose and JOY!

You’ve put in another full day taking care of everything that was needed for today...for everyone else.  
On the outside, everything is just fine.  But in reality...IT'S NOT!

You constantly feel stressed out and exhausted; there is just never enough time to do what brings YOU joy.

You don’t have the same energy you used to have to perform even mundane tasks.   Even when you do have a little time to yourself, you don’t have the energy to do anything except sit on the couch and watch TV or look at your friends on Facebook.

Your patients is thinning and you lose your temper more easily, even with the ones you love the most.  You feel stuck as life is passing you by. Almost lost.  There has to be more to life than this!

You once had dreams and aspirations in life, but now, you can't remember what they were.  And you think to yourself..."Maybe it's too late for that anyway."

What if you could find your purpose and feel HAPPY again?

Imagine being deeply connected to your authentic self;  you know who you are, what you want and what brings the most joy to your life.  

You are excited to create the life that you’ve been dreaming about so you can live without any guilt or regrets. 

You're in the driver’s seat now and are able to create better boundaries for yourself while maintaining healthy relationships with others. You are in control of your time and energy.

By being your authentic self, you’re able to take better care of yourself and feel more healthy and vibrant than you have in a very long time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You say yes to things when you don't even have time or desire to do it.
  • You’ve forgotten what your own true desires look like.
  • You feel like life is passing you by without you making the most of every moment. 
  • You so badly want to move forward in life, but feel like it would be selfish to think of yourself over others. 

Help is Available!

I work with high achieving women who appear successful but feel stuck, off track or secretly crave more from their lives.  They are afraid, if they keep going like this they will never get to experience the real joy life has of offer.  I help them rediscover who they are, what they truly want and heal from the inside out so they can finally live a life that makes them happy and purposeful.

You’ll learn what steps you can take to start living a well-balanced and healthy life.

As a result of this session, you’ll:
  1. Identify your energy vampires (what sucks your energy) so that you can feel more energized.
  2. Define better boundaries so that you can create time for the things that bring you joy.
  3. Create a realistic plan with simple steps toward your purpose so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Rediscover Yourself: A Healing Journey To Find Your Passion, Purpose & Joy 
Here is how it works! 

Groundwork to Rediscover Yourself

This questionnaire is designed to help you rediscover yourself, and get very clear on where you are and what you want.  With this firm foundation, I’ll be able to meet you exactly where you are and we’ll be able to go MUCH deeper during our session together. 

It also gets you thinking about what you would really like to accomplish with our time together. This is all about taking it one step at a time. You’re saying yes to living with more purpose and Joy!  
An Intensive Session to Reconnect With Your Passion, Purpose and Joy

In this 90-minute virtual session, we’ll take a deep dive on what you desire in life.  We will work with your current mindset, self-talk and discover what is holding you back.  

You’ll gain clarity on where you spend your time and energy currently so that you can redirect that energy towards a more purposeful life that brings you joy.  

By the end of this session, you’ll have a customized plan prepared so that you feel empowered with simple steps to reconnect with your true purpose and joy.  

Real Life Review Session To Recognize Roadblocks

About two weeks later, we’ll check in with your progress and see how the plan is working for you. During this 30-minute session, We’ll check in on the progress you’ve made, recognize any challenges you’ve encountered and decide what your next steps should be to continue the momentum you've created toward your dreams.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel  well on your way to creating your more purposeful life.
When you dedicate yourself to make changes in life, big or small, it always helps to have someone there that can see things from a different perspective and SUPPORT you through growth.  That is what you get when we work together.
With me as your guide, you learn strategies to create a more joyful and purposeful life.
You’ll finally have the opportunity to live the life you had once imagined for yourself.  


Okay...Let's get started!

First, you need to click the "Rediscover Yourself NOW" button below to start the process.  You'll then schedule your appointment and make your payment of $197.  

Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an e-mail from me with your Groundwork to Rediscover Yourself and instructions for attending your session.

Then we start the journey together!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask. You can connect with me via e-mail.