Just Ask...

Just Ask….

As the year passes us by so quickly, do you remember what your goals were for the year?  When you made those goals, they seemed so achievable.   You have (or had) a plan in place to make sure those goals are met and you are so very excited to see the outcome.   Well, how’s it going?  Do you need help?  You might want to consider asking for help.  It’s really easy to do; Just ask…

You can ask for help in many different ways for many different reasons.  Sometimes calling your friend to ask a quick question to have a brain storming session is just what you need.  Other times, asking your spouse for some help with the kids or around the house is important.  What do you do if you need help with something that you can’t ask from anyone?   Have you ever asked yourself: “What do I do now?” or “what direction should I go?” You can get your friend’s opinion about what they might do but it’s not necessarily right for you.  Have you ever considered asking from the divine or connecting deeply with yourself for the answer?

From experience, I know this can be very difficult especially when you already have an expectation of what the answer “should” be or what you want it to be.  If you can get into a neutral place with no expectation as to what the answer “should” be you can find the answer that is right for you.   You probably already know the answer but can’t quite “hear” it yet.  When you get into that quiet space and ask yourself, or the divine, the question the answer is often answered very quickly.  We just need to become aware of it and accept the answer.  Of course, this all takes practice and patience it is well worth it in the end.  

Getting to this place of neutral can be as simple as standing still, taking a nice deep breath and feeling yourself within your body.  Clear your mind for a moment and ask the question.  Clients often tell me “I can’t clear my mind”.  Can you become aware of your thoughts in your mind first?   When you become aware of them, can you pause them for a moment or two?  If not, what are your thoughts about?  If there are negative though patterns in there…change them to a more positive pattern. Start to recognize the mental noise that keep your attention and find ways to clear that mental clutter so that when you ask for help, you’ll hear the answer clearly.

I’ve found that asking for help in this way can be very exciting when you are not expecting a specific answer.  You notice things showing up in your life that you’ve asked for in the most unique ways that you may not have expected.  That’s what makes it so much fun.  When I notice the answer to request for help (or a cry for help), I will often say “thank you!” out loud so that it’s clear that I’ve notice my answer.  Then, I fill up with gratitude and enjoy the manifestation of my answer.

So, when you find yourself needing some help with those unfinished goals you can simply ask for help from the divine.  Be still and patient with yourself and watch as your goals start to manifest right before your eyes.

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