Physical Awareness

Physical Awareness

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been learning what life is like during a pandemic.  We have not seen a public health crisis like this in generations and are clearly not prepared for the toll it’s taken on our society and economy.  In the past several weeks, we’ve not seen the numbers go down and, in fact, we’ve seen them increase.  Regardless of your opinion on the subject it brings to light just how aware we need to be of our own physical well being.  The better physical awareness you have, the better you can take care of yourself and maybe even others.

You may be aware of your physical fitness because you have a certain exercise routine (or not).  You notice how your stamina increases or decreased based on your physical activity.  You may be aware that when you bend over to pick something up, your back is tight or there is pain there.  Have you ever taken the time to just become aware of yourself at a physical level and really feel into your body? 
This is something I work very closely with my clients on during each session.  One of my first questions is “how do you feel physically?” or “how’s your physical self” and that brings awareness back into the body.  One of my favorite things is when my clients start saying “I noticed changes in my body” or they may say “when you are focused here…I noticed this shift.”  When you can shift your awareness to your physical body and become tuned in to shifting patterns, it can be a game changer for your health and wellness.

Being physically aware also means knowing how your body reacts to it’s environment, or what you feed it.  I’m sure you’ve been watching the news…how does your body react to the negativity and stress the world is in today?  Do you notice it tensing up or reacting is a specific way?  How is your mood effected?  I’ve had to limit my interaction with news lately just for my own health!  Also, notice how your body reacts eating things you’re not sure you should be eating.  I have a client that has serious sinus issues and they have had great success with the treatments we’ve done.  However, we talked about taking dairy out of the diet for a while and they finally did it.  The difference they noticed was pretty significant.  So, now they will consider keeping that out of their body because it feels much better NOT having dairy.

Becoming aware of the small changes you can make, even slightest, the awareness of how it affects your physical body can start to make huge changes in your life…and make the decision to feel better.   It just takes small baby steps to create huge change…and much more awareness.

I am available to help you with becoming physically aware.  When you learn how to notice, it’s really very simple.
Also, I have a great resource to help refocus your energy back to yourself so that you can become more aware.  Six Secrets To A More Powerful YOU!

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