Garbage In = Garbage Out

You’ve heard the phrase garbage-in, garbage-out.  It has historically been used for technology and computer entry.  If you are not inputting quality data you won’t get quality results.  The same is true for you.  Although you are not a computer, you are made of several intricate systems that need quality input.  There are three main areas where you can start to remove the garbage so that you can replace it with the quality input that is necessary for wellness on all levels.
First, in today’s society of instant gratification and making things as easy as possible, we put a lot of toxins in our home and our bodies without even realize what’s happening.  You’ve got chemicals all over your environment!  Most of your personal items, toiletries, laundry soap and cleaning supplies are filled with dangerous chemicals that contaminate our bodies and may cause unhealthy results.  Recognizing where this “garbage” is in your environment, you can start to replace it with better quality products that are less harsh for you and the environment.  Diffusing oils has become a great way to freshen up your home. Beware that not all essential oils are created equal.  I personally use Young Living Essential Oils.  They are therapeutic grade and are safe to use.  Using high quality, therapeutic grade oil is important because if you can smell it, it’s going to end up in your body in some way. The same is true for deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, etc.  Make sure you are using something that you are personally aligned with and makes you feel good about using.  Again, quality is everything.
Second, Ingesting wholesome foods is important to feed your body and keep your energy levels at optimal levels. This is very much like what we just discussed with the chemicals in your homes.  There are also chemicals in your food too!  Take a look at the box, or can of processed food in your cabinet.  What are the ingredients?  Can you read the ingredients?  If not, your body probably can’t “read” it either and won’t react well.  Switching your lifestyle to eating only foods that you can pronounce and that lists only 5 (or fewer) ingredients, the better it may be for your body.  If you like to cook, like I do, this can be a fun way to start creating meals that really feed your body and soul…your family too!  Making large portions so that you can freeze the leftovers and use them as lunch, or dinner again another day is an awesome way to save time and energy on those especially busy days.
Finally, your thoughts are powerful things.  Have you ever gotten what you’ve asked for…but it wasn’t really what you wanted?  Focusing on what you really want can help.  Learning about what you don’t want is really important so that you can decide what it is that you do want.  When you do that…focus only on what you want and see what happens!  Clean up those thoughts!  It can be hard to turn off negativity because it’s all around you, especially on the news.  You can look at the news and say, “that won’t happen to me”…but what if it does?  That is what you are focusing on so that’s what you may end up with.  Instead you can say, “That won’t happen to me… because this is what will happen” and focus on the positive aspect of that thought.  Another great idea, and my favorite, is to just turn off what does not serve you!  It may be the news, TV shows, magazines that make you feel less than you are, radio shows etc.  If what you are consuming makes you feel bad… STOP! Reset…and start putting quality input into your life.

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