Stay Energized!

Stay Energized
When you're with the people you love and in small gatherings, it’s easy to maintain your energy and most of the time, you feel pretty great!  The energy you share with these people is probably pretty familiar and aligned with you and there is an equal exchange of energy occurring.
However, sometimes you just feel totally zapped!  It happens when you are in a large group of people, at work, or even and larger social events.  Even going to Wal-Mart can be challenging!  It doesn’t make any sense.  You shouldn’t feel so drained and out of sorts.
 “How do I protect myself from other people?”
A question came to me from a Massage Therapist that sees clients every day.  She mentioned feeling exhausted at the end of every day and that sometimes it would last for hours after her last sessions had completed for the day.  This question comes up fairly often with my clients in general regardless of occupation.  This is also a question that is asked when there are toxic people in your life…the one’s that make you feel awful all the time.
This exhaustion and “drain” can happen whether you work with a client using your hands, with a co-worker during a project or even a challenging family member.  Simply because you are putting energy into the relationship, an energetic connection is made. You are putting energy into working with the client, co-worker or family member and they are putting energy into working with you; there is an exchange of energy happening.
It’s really more about your own energetic health and balance than it is about the other person.  Yes, they may be draining your energy, but when you keep your energy system healthy and strong, it can make a huge difference.  It’s very much like keeping your physical body strong and in shape by going to the gym or yoga class and eating nutritious food.
Similarly, exercising and feeding your energy system will help you strengthen the energy system so that you can better keep your energy with you and allow the “protection” you are seeking from other people.  When your energy system is strong it is much more resilient and others can’t penetrate it as easily.  It’s as simple as that.
You’ve heard of your Aura, right?  It’s the energy system that surrounds your physical body…kind of like a bubble.  One method of strengthening this energy system is to imagine this aura or bubble that surrounds your physical body stretching outward; kind of like claiming your territory. You can bring your arms up above your head and sweep them out around and down your body imagining the aura being pushed out (as far as you want it to go) and when you get to the bottom (maybe your feet if you can reach them) run your hands up the center of your body and zip up that energy…kind of like putting on a jacket. Take some nice deep breaths and do that at least two more times.  
You can also have some fun drawing figure “8” into your aura.  These figure “8’s” are sort of like a webbing that keeps the energy system in tact…kind of like a thread count on sheets.  The higher the count…the more comfy it is! It’s as simple as drawing these figure “8’s” with your hands or go big by getting your entire arm (or arms) in the action.
These are some great ways to start strengthening your energy systems on your own.  Practice these techniques, or create your own to help keep your energy system in tip-top shape.  If you are  a massage therapist/body worker or anyone that feels drained easily, these are great exercises to start and end your day.  If necessary you can easily do them several times per day when you feel inspired to do so.
Of course, if you need help or would like to get more information on where and how to strengthen your energy system, connect with me!

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