Witness What’s Happening
Taking time to actually witness what is happening for you on the inside you can learn so much about what your needs truly are and how the outer world has an effect on you in way’s you may not have realized…unless you take the time to do so.
I was reminded of this during a meditation I was leading about witnessing yourself.  I noticed some energy within my body, around my spine to be exact, and I just witnessed it.  It felt like not only was I witnessing what was happening within me, but also all around me. This was a great reminder to me that sometimes we take on what is not ours but a kind of group consciousness. During these times, especially, it is important to witness this for yourself so that you can take steps to release what is not serving you and allow the love and gratitude to consume your personal space.  You can then expand that space to a larger location like your town or country or even the planet.  You get to decide what your space is...even if that space IS Space.
By noticing what is happening for you and sending love and gratitude, maybe even compassion, will help shift the energy to a more helpful and healing vibration or frequency.  You can then send that frequency all around so that you can feel that sense of peace not only for yourself but share that with the world.  
Change happens first with yourself…you can than share that with others.

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