Distance Healing - Does it really work?

Distance Healing
Does that really work?


You may be very familiar with working with a therapist in a hands on environment: Your massage therapist, physical therapist, Reiki or other energy healing practitioner, etc. However, did you know that when a practitioner that is trained at distance work (at least the really good ones) use their entire body, not just their hands, as a tool to determine how and where to work with you?  

Everything is energy, even you! 

The trained practitioner can tune into your energy system and receive information about where and how to proceed with the session.  Even while doing hands on work, the therapist often gets “hits” in their own body to determine where to focus on you.  It’s kind of like a sonar ping. Whether you are working together virtually or hands-on some therapists tune into this energy to make their work even more effective.

Believe me...Everyone Does it! 

Distance healing and reading energy is something EVERYONE does every day and most don’t even realize it.  Have you ever prayed for someone?  Have you ever sent love and gratitude to someone?  This is healing energy.  Have you ever sensed when someone is not in a good mood; feeling sad or something is “off” with them? Noticing this is reading energy, or tuning into the energy of the other person. The trained practitioner can get a little more precise than what you normally do, because they have been trained and practice this each time they are with a client.  

How it's done!

Distance healing can be done in many different ways and has been around since the beginning.  Some practitioners send distance healing without the client participating in any way.  The client requests the healing and the therapist sends the energy.  Unless there is an agreed upon time, the client may not even know the healing is taking place.
Energy can be sent to simply balance your energy systems (chakras, meridians, aura, and others).
Other practitioners, like myself. include you as an active participant in the session. These sessions may require more dialog and discussion where you, as a client, have control over how the session is conducted and the therapist follows your lead.

My Practice

I’ve been trained in several different manual and energy modalities.  I am Diplomate Certified  CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute and Licensed Massage therapist.  The tools I’ve learned from these modalities and more have been invaluable to me.  Regardless of working virtually or hands on, using dialog and tuning into the energy system are essential parts of my practice.  When I work with a client, they are in charge.  I’m not there to “Fix” them. It’s a completely collaborative process.  I’ve noticed, when you, as a client, are an active participant, either in person or virtually, the healing result is MUCH more effective.  
Also, working virtually is one of my favorite ways to work with people!  It allows both of us to remain totally connected and aware of changes that are happening.  There are fewer distractions, like the physical body, to make our minds wander.
Have you ever received virtual or distance healing work?  
If you are curious about working virtually I’d be happy to connect and answer any further questions you may have. 

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