How to Ground and Connect for Energetic Integrity

Energetic Integrity:
As an energy worker and energy coach I work with many people to clear and balance their energy system.When we choose to become aware of the energy anatomy we have, the human energy system, and how to maintain it with integrity, our entire outlook can change for the better. When we consider integrity, the human energy system is not often though about. However, when you can treat your energy system with integrity and respect, it can be our biggest protector…because everything starts with energy.

Grounding and Connecting:
Many of us have heard the word “grounding” and know what that means conceptually and have no idea on how to actually do it and why one would want to do this. Grounding is basically connecting the energy system to the ground (earth). Much like an electric plug has three prongs, the third prong is the ground wire. It’s a safety mechanism. When we practice grounding and connecting it helps strengthen our energy system allowing us to maintain energetic integrity.

Something to consider when creating a grounding practice is that the practice may need to be changed and upgraded as we expand and change our vibration. I learned this myself while working with clients in a multi-hands environment. My fellow therapist quietly suggested I ground myself more. We discussed it after the session and I became aware that because I kept evolving, my grounding practice needed to evolve as well.

As I considered this for several weeks, it came to me while in twilight; it was really about grounding AND connecting…not one or the other. The image I saw was a tube of light coming from the earth through my feet.This energy moved up my torso to my heart. The other tube of light came in through my crown chakra down to my heart. When these two energies met at my heart, there was a “locking” motion and now the two energies were one. The energy moved freely both up connecting to the divine and down connecting to the earth. Since I started using this technique, my grounding practice has become quite simple…most of the time.

Grounding Techniques:
Many people talk about grounding by going out in nature, walking around in the grass, hugging a tree and such. These can all be great ways to ground. However, when you are in a situation where you don’t have those options, like when you are in a meeting with your boss, there are other things to consider. Keep in mind these are just some options. Use what works for you and create new ideas.Be open to expanding your practice as you evolve as well.

When you find the method that best suites you and your grounding practice, it can become so simple and just by bringing awareness of the need or intention to ground and connect, it can happen very quickly…within moments…within a breath or two.
By grounding and connecting on a regular basis your energy system can remain strong and vital. By keeping your energy system strong and vital your overall wellness can be maintained.

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