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Fill it with joy and purpose.
We'll do it together!

Kathryn Regganie CST-D, LMT, RMT
Healing Arts Specialist & Coach
SC Lic# 11943 & FL Lic# MA 94198

You're successful, driven &ready 
for personal growth

You’re a successful and driven person with a plate full of responsibilities and to-dos. At one point, you had it all under control and could handle anything that came your way.  But then things took a turn for the worse and your list of responsibilities grew bigger than your bandwidth.  
Every morning feels like a struggle with more expectations piling up on each other. You’re always stressed and exhausted.  Your health has started suffering too. Where did that drive and control go?
You feel stuck as life is passing you by. Almost lost. You’re ready for the personal growth you’ve been craving but you’re not sure how to get there.
I help you see where you are getting stuck so that we can remove the roadblocks.
Whether you want to reduce the tension in your body, rediscover your purpose and joy or you’re ready for that big growth you’ve been craving, I can help.
Dreaming about your life is one thing.  Making it happen is another. Lets do it together

Hi, I'm Kathryn Regganie!

I’m a compassionate and intuitive energy healer and coach for driven women that are ready for some real growth in their lives.  They are ready for a change so that they can live with more purpose and joy.
Hey, I’ve been where you are and I totally get what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed and exhausted!

My Journey Here
I started out in corporate America as a liaison managing communications between the IT department and the field offices. One of my strengths was coordinating and communicating with our clients so they knew what was happening and when.
Then, something happened...My whole life changed!
I had recently gone through a divorce, moved several times and gotten remarried. The person I was when I started the corporate world was very different now. So was the corporate environment that I once loved and felt completely connected with.  It just didn’t fit anymore.

I was unhappy and stressed out all of the time. I had very little patience for anyone or anything and it was hard for me to work in such a stressful and toxic environment.
I started looking for alternatives and struggled for several years to find my new career that made me feel fulfilled and purposeful. In 2003, I came across Healing Energy, specifically Reiki.  
When I started researching Reiki and other healing modalities I was hooked and just couldn’t stop learning about this! 

I realized that I had been doing energy work my entire life and I didn’t even know it! 

Since then, I’ve been a student of many different healing energy techniques! While learning about energy and how it works, it became very clear to me how to change my perspective on things and that I had total control over how I chose to react to ANY situation. The better the reaction, the better and easier my life became.
Sometimes it is very easy to choose my reaction and other is really hard!
In the end, I know however I react, it’s my choice and I can choose to change my reaction or perspective...I can choose joy and happiness instead!
Another very important aspect of my learning was how energy can affect our physical body...WHO KNEW!

Maybe that’s why my body was so tense all the time?
When I started seeing clients and watching real change happen for them, I realized that I had found my true passion in life.  I even started teaching what I was learning.

Where I am today

Taking everything I’ve learned from each step along the way, I now help my clients build the life that they want for themselves.

Whether you want to release the stress in your physical body, crave personal growth or want to create a mindset that allows for more passion and joy in your life, I can help.

I love watching my clients grow and evolve into better versions of themselves and create better boundaries so that they can live the life they’ve always wanted...full of joy and purpose.

I’m so grateful for my journey. I had to learn a lot of new things along the way, and have grown more than I ever thought possible. This is why I know it’s possible for you too.

My Mission

I am committed to helping people realize that life doesn’t have to be so hard. I believe in making better choices so that you can build the life full of purpose and joy you’ve always wanted.

With my practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and straight talk, I love helping people like you build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Kathryn's Credentials

BS:  Business Administration, University of Phoenix 2003
Massage Therapy:  South Carolina License #11943; Florida License # MA94198

Energy & Coaching Education:
Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist
  • Diplomate Certification 4/2018
  • Techniques Certification 3/2013
Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Year 1 - 2017
Energy Psychology Level 1 9/14, Level 2 11/14
Courageous Leadership Coaching – 5/14
CARE Intensive – The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education 2/2012
Axiatoanal Practitioner – 6/2010
Light Body Activation - 2010
Reiki Master Teacher – 10/2009 (practicing since 4/2008)

Please be advised while Kathryn has extensive experience in a number of energy balancing techniques and various coaching strategies, she is not a physician, psychologist, or psychotherapist and only offers her service through Energy Pathways, Inc. as a Licensed Massage Therapist (S. Carolina & Florida), Energy Balancing Practitioner and Coach.