Each offering is customized for each client based on the goals they have.  This can range from a few energy balancing sessions to more in depth strategy sessions.  

Services are offered virtually by phone or agreed upon internet meeting software.

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(up to 30 minutes)

New Client Informed Content Form must be completed and returned prior to session.

Energy Balancing Sessions

Are you feeling stressed out and unable to focus on what is most important to you?  Are you feeling totally out of balance?

Kathryn is trained in several energy balancing techniques.  She uses those techniques to help balance the energy that surrounds your body.  During each session, we work with those energy systems with the intention to create balance. Balance is believed to support wellness on all levels:  Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. 

Energy Balancing Techniques may include:  
Craniosacral, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Tapping

High Vibration Strategy Sessions

Do you have a passion or vision that you have always wanted to manifest? What holds you back from allowing that into your life?

Kathryn works with individuals that are serious about wanting to align with their success and feel lost and afraid to consider achieving what they desire. Without help, you may continue to run into obstacles and barriers allowing your dreams to simply fade away.

Individual sessions and packages are available.

Healthy Lifestyle Sessions

Are you looking for ways to remove toxins from your life and create a space for wellness? 

Kathryn works with individuals that are serious about wanting to clean up their daily wellness routine with safe products we use every day.

Kathryn will share information about the Young Living Essential Oil Product Line and how that can create a space for wellness.

Essential oils been used for thousands of years, and are believed to offer a variety of lifestyle benefits in every aspect of everyday life. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, providing the opportunity for millions to balance every aspect of wellness:  mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Contact Kathy to schedule your free strategy session (up to 30 minutes).