About Kathryn 

Kathryn Regganie, CST-D, LMT, RMT

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Balancing Practitioner and Coach, Kathryn offers an integrative approach to health and wellness. She specializes in helping clients support and stabilize structures of the body, with the intention of feeling more relaxed and vibrant.

Since 2008, Kathryn has lead individuals into a better awareness of their own body and the information it can provide.  Kathryn uses coaching strategies and energy balancing techniques intended to help support and reduce physical symptoms of stress on the body.  While it's not possible to provide any guarantees, by doing this, her clients can open up to the possibility of wellness and vitality on all levels both physically and non-physically.

Kathryn is a Reiki Master Teacher; She is CranioSacral Diplomate Certified through the Upledger Institute and has training in Eden Energy Medicine. She is passionate about education and continues to learn new tools and techniques to ensure the best results for her clients.

Kathryn's Credentials:
BS:  Business Administration, University of Phoenix 2003
Massage Therapy:  South Carolina License #11934; Florida License # MA 94198
Energy & Coaching Education:
CranioSacral Diplomate Certification – Upledger Institute 4/18
Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Year 1 4/17, 7/17, 10,17, 1/18
Energy Psychology Level 1 9/14, Level 2 11/14
Courageous Leadership Coaching – 5/14
CranioSacral Techniques Certification – Upledger Institute 3/13
CARE Intensive – The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education 2/2012
Axiatoanal Practitioner – 6/2010
Light Body Activation - 2010
Reiki Master Teacher – 10/2009 (practicing since 4/2008)

Please be advised while Kathryn has extensive experience in a number of energy balancing techniques and various coaching strategies, she is not a physician, psychologist, or psychotherapist and only offers her service through Energy Pathways, Inc. as a Licensed Massage Therapist (S. Carolina & Florida), Energy Balancing Practitioner and Coach.